What to Do Before Your Interior Painter Arrives

Repainting the Interior? Read This First  

Hues change the ambiance and appearance of a room remarkably. If you want a transformation for your home, you should consider repainting the interior walls. Also, paint won’t just boost your place’s beauty, but it will also protect the surfaces from dents and early damage. After finding a new tint and hiring an interior painter, it’s time to prepare your place for the project.

How to do it properly:

Remove Your Items First

First and foremost, you want to remove the things inside the room that you don’t want to get stained or splashed with fresh paint. It includes picture frames, curtains, wall decors, wall clocks, indoor plants, cushions, vases, figurines, electronics, books, magazines, and other items. Transfer them to a safer room inside a sturdy box.

It’s Time to Protect

Don’t forget about the trim and other parts of your house too. You will need plastic sheeting, drop cloths, and newspapers for this. Cover or wrap floors, trim, windows, doors, handles, switches, fixtures, built-in cabinets, shelves, mirrors, and furniture. Roll up the carpeting and set it aside for now.

Wash and Fix the Surfaces

You can’t possibly expect gleaming and smooth results with dirty and damaged walls. You should fix and clean them before you start painting. Fix any dents, scratches, and punctures. Remove grime, dust, dirt, stains, spots, and marks. Don’t worry. Your interior painter will be able to help you with this.

Keep Youngsters and Pets Safe

If you have pets and children inside your home, you need to keep them away from the worksite until the project is complete. They will be curious about the tools, paint, and strangers walking on your property. Some equipment can be dangerous. To avoid injuries and accidents, let a friend near you watch over them.

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