Top Safety Equipment Used in Quality Painting Services

Safety Should Always Be a Priority  

Painting an entire establishment is a task that people don’t want to do even if it is a weekend. Aside from exhaustion, the task also compromises our health as it requires climbing up the ladder and, sometimes, inhaling the toxic fumes from the paint. For quality painting results and to avoid inconvenience, it is best to call an experienced painting team. Some of us may know how they do their job, but only a few are familiar with the safety equipment they utilize. To know what these essentials are and how they are utilized, continue reading this webpage.

Fall-arrest equipment

When painting sidings and roofs, all painters must use fall-arrest equipment. This safety equipment improves the efficiency of their job and completes it safely without compromising quality. But before they can use it, they must ensure that every part of the equipment is in good condition to avoid the inadvertent fall causing serious injuries.

Industrial gloves

Aside from the fumes, paints dry up quickly and are hard to remove. To protect their hands, a quality painting team must use a pair of industrial gloves. It should fit well in their hands for easy grip and movement when applying paints. Once the gloves are entirely covered with paint, they must replace it with a new pair.

Respirator mask

Paints are chemicals that emit fumes that can trigger asthma. Inhaling these fumes can cause serious respiratory problems such as bronchitis. Experienced painters must wear a respirator mask before starting the job. A gas mask with goggles is necessary once the job requires the use of compressors or sprays to avoid eye irritation.

These safety essentials are the most common ones being carried by painters. In Redding, CA the expert you can rely on when it comes to a timely and quality painting service is Currie's Quality Painting. To know how we provide our service and the rates we offer, you can give us a call at (530) 244-2075 today.