The Trendiest Colors for 2020

Some Advice and Inspiration Offered by a Dependable Painter

Do you want to refresh some or maybe all of the rooms in your home this year? If that’s so, you need to learn more about the colors that are going to be in “fashion” for the upcoming months. To give you inspiration and some advice on how to combine different shades, we asked a professional painter for some guidance and tips. Here’s what he had to say on the subject.

Purples and Lilacs

Many people consider those shades childlike, but when they are used the right way, they can add warmth and sophistication to the interior. When you mix those warmer hues with cool tones like gray and blue, your rooms will become both elegant and engaging.

Milky Blue

In the last couple of years, the strong, glossy shades were quite popular, and perhaps this year, the milkier shades will be seen more frequently. Faded looking walls are not only very chic but also have that European home vibe that many are trying to achieve.

Dark Teal

It may come as a surprise for many of you, but this is actually a very versatile shade. It can be used for houses that have rich woods, seagrass furniture and elements in fresh white.

Neutrals Combines with Jewel Shades

The vibrant jewel tones make an amazing contrast with neutrals. A muted background helps keep the focus on any statement pieces of furniture you may have and want to showcase.

Clean White

Well, a colorful room sure look amazing, but sometimes it’s nice to have a nice plain background on which you can “paint” on. That allows you to add color however you want, mainly trough some beautiful pieces of furniture.

Simply White

White is very powerful, polarizing and transcendent – one is either obsessed over or it’s taken for granted. Nowadays, it’s not only a design trend but an essential.

Bold Green

This year, you will see the sophisticated and soft neutral shades pretty much everywhere. However, they won’t be seen on walls that often anymore. Neutral couches and other furniture look amazing against bold green walls.

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