A Painting Contractor to Help You With Deck Staining

Maybe your deck is beginning to show its age, and you want to give it a fresh coat of paint. Or perhaps it’s still in great condition, but you want to try different stain types or colors. In either case, we can help you! Currie's Quality Painting is the painting contractor that is headquartered in Redding, CA, and deck staining is one of the services we provide. Make an appointment with one of our professionals right away!

Different Deck Stains

There are probably dozens of deck stains in various hues and opacities on the shelves of your neighborhood hardware shop. Choosing a stain can be difficult because there are so many alternatives available, but you can make it simpler by asking for our assistance! Our professionals will introduce you to the various opacity levels of stains, go over the benefits and drawbacks of each kind, and assist you in selecting the one that best satisfies your requirements and tastes. Additionally, they will guide you through the many stain colors and help you decide which one is best for your deck.

Staining Procedure

We will start the actual staining procedure once you have decided on the color and opacity of your deck stain. You can be confident that only top-notch stains will be used on your deck because we obtain our stains from some of the greatest manufacturers in the business. Additionally, we use contemporary deck staining techniques that enable us to perform the job to the greatest standards and give outdated decks a fresh coat of paint. Modern stain application tools and equipment are used by our team, which facilitates work and helps us complete all duties as quickly as possible.

Make Contact With Us

A genuine painting contractor that you can rely on in Redding, CA for deck staining is Currie's Quality Painting. Call (530) 244-2075 right away to schedule a meeting with our staff and benefit from our top-notch solutions!