Tips to Help You Pick the Right Color for Your Painting Project

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Welcome to the blog page of Currie's Quality Painting – the most reliable local painting company you can book when you are in need of interior or exterior painting services. We will start our blog with an article dedicated to choosing the right paint color. We hope that we will help you make up your mind about the paint you will use for your home upgrade project!

Black is universally avoided for walls, because it makes rooms look smaller, cramped and sometimes even scary. It works good in combination with other colors, though
Blue is a very relaxing color and looks good with lots of natural light. Darker shades of blue make rooms look smaller. Lighter shades may look too childish, but they look good with wooden floors. Blue is best used in warmer rooms that you want to feel cooler in.
Green walls can look both good and bad, depending on the shade. Light green walls can make a room brighter and bigger. They also have a cooler feel to them. It is suitable for both male and female rooms.
Yellow is the brightest of the warm colors. It is guaranteed to make your room look sunny, bright and peaceful. It’s universal and promotes happy feelings.
Red is the color of power, pride, strength and confidence. It makes rooms look spacious but is not recommended for bedrooms and rooms for resting. It is best used in combination with other bright colors.

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