Tips on How to Stencil a Focal Wall

Create a dramatic focal point in a living room, by stencilling a design on the wall.

Following up on our previous post on how to prep you space before staring a painting project, here’s how to add some “flair” to your walls.


Pick a wall to stencil, and choose a design, wall and accent color to paint the stencil design. Also, paint the wall if it is not the color you want.

Figure out your starting point

Figure out the design layout, and place the stencil on the wall at your starting point. Attach the stencil with the help of painter’s tape.


Paint the design on wall using a stencil brush and the dry brush technique. Start by dipping ends of the brush in paint, removing any excess by tapping brush on a piece of paper.

Paint with the stippling Method

Apply the paint using the stippling technique, which is dabbing brush on the openings of the stencil.

Tip – Never brush the paint over the openings of the stencil, as this causes the paint to seep beneath the stencil.

Hold the stencil firmly in place

Put pressure on the stencil around the openings when stippling, this ensures sharper paint lines.

Mark the points

Trace all registration points using a pencil before moving the stencil.

Move the stencil

Move the stencil by lining it up against the registration points to carry on the design. Tape stencil down, and simply repeat the painting process.

Tip – a useful tip from a professional interior painting service to ensure your design is level is to use a spirit level to check the stencil tile placement is painted evenly.

Repeat the above steps

Carry on painting the stencil design, mark all points, and move stencil over and down the wall until the entire area is covered.